Thursday, January 31, 2013

Superbowl & Schools

The Superbowl!!! I don't think ANYONE in the Bay Area will be doing anything else this Sunday but watching the Superbowl!  And with your kids?!?  Its a long game for them to watch...  By making a game plan for the kids now, you have better chances of allowing yourself more time on Sunday to enjoy the Big Game!  Here's some advice: get together with other families who have kids, have a separate room where the kids can play, hide your kids' favorite toys to ward off any possible problems sharing, provide kid friendly healthy snacks (then they can help them selves) and colorless drinks (no stains!), and, since the weather report says sunny, give them access to the backyard to play!  Go Niners!

January through April starts Open Houses for schools.  If your child is making any new transition, entering preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, public or private schools, this is the time to visit the schools and register.   If you are entering SJUSD, you should have already called to make an appointment to register your child with the district.  If you would like to visit any school in the district, visit the SJUSD website and look for the individual school's tours, or make an appointment to go see the school. 

Many preschools are already in open houses, tours and registration mode.  Shepard of the Valley preschool just had their registration start this week.  My three kids all attended co-op preschools where parents participate in all areas of running the school.  It was a wonderful experience for me and my kids being part close knit community during their early years. 

Two new schools have recently started in our area: Carden Academy of Almaden and Communitas Charter High School.  Check them out if you are interested in exploring more choices. 

This Weekend in a Nutshell:
*New Classes at The Little Gym, Hidden Talent Art Studio, Los Gatos Rec., Happy Hollow, Almaden Community Center
* Operation Prom Dress- drop off gently used prom dresses at the Almaden Library

  • 2/2 & 2/3  11AM, 1PM & 3PM   Hidden Villa Farm Tours & Barnyard Babies

Coming Up:

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