Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today in a Nutshell: My Introduction to Blogging

Hi Acorn Readers,

Here we go!  I left one venue only to start another.  I have branched out into the social media world, which is HUGE and somewhat daunting!  My former website gave me the security I needed to start out in this unknown and vast world: cushy templates, easy buttons, nice calendars, but now I am heading out to make my own way in the social world. 

First I need a plan.  I want to stick to giving you the updates on what is going on in our community, focusing on events and activities for kids and families, and connecting and growing our community. I also want to add events from the rest of the south bay area- Los Gatos, Willow Glen,  downtown San Jose, Morgan Hill, etc.  In our fast paced area there is always something-to-do-at-any-time-of-day-and-any-time-of-the-year.  That's why we live here!  But, I've noticed that living in Almaden (since 1984) its not always so easy to find all those things to do or to remember what, when, where, how, with so much going on in our busy lives and community.  So that is why I've started this blog and facebook page. 

I will toil, sweat, and painstakingly search for those things and post them for you and your families.  I just need to learn how to make it pretty and accessible.  So bear with me as I figure this blogging thing out!  I do know that you can subscribe and receive my postings in your e-mail by entering your e-mail address above.  Then you can keep up to date with The Almaden Acorn!

I hope to blog every other week, and fill in with one or two quickies (stay with me) if needed.  And I'm always on facebook at The Almaden Acorn.  So now there are two ways, two very different ways, to stay connected with your community through The Almaden Acorn.  I hope you will follow me on both!


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