Monday, March 9, 2015

Camp Spotlight: Your Kids are Making Their Own Jeans...

...At Steve and Kate's Camp!

The Jeans Lab

How would your kids like to create their own jeans this summer?  They can at Steve & Kate's Summer Camps!  New this year, the Jeans Lab is an activity where kids can make their own jeans and jean shorts. The typical process of making jeans is so complicated that most adults won't even touch it. But Steve & Kate's Camp has whittled the process down to simple steps for our kids to follow. With the help of video tutorials and instructional guides, kids can make and customize their own pair of jeans. Amazing! Steve & Kate's Camp has carefully selected a sewing machine that's heavy duty enough to sew through layers of denim (it's a serious workhorse!) but is also kid-friendly. 

Jeans are one of the most complicated garments to make, and yet the most universal. For a kid to get to wear a piece of clothing that he or she made is incredibly empowering! This self-directed jeans making process will give kids the opportunity to be fashion designers, and to sew and customize a unique pair of jeans that they can be proud of. 

I was sold the second I watched this Jeans Lab Video by Steve and Kate's own Program Designer, Valerie, also known as the "Jean Dreamer". The Jeans Lab is one of the activities your kids can find at the Style Studio.  In addition to designing jeans in the Style Studio, kids can also explore yards of fabrics and buckets of sewing accessories: ribbons, sequins, beads, zippers, snaps, buttons and more. Sewing machines and knitting needles are the tools of the trade in the Style Studio.  

The Style Studio is one of six extraordinary studios (They call them studios because Cool Spaces Where Kids Explore Without Limits and Create Anything They Want with State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment was a tad too long"). Campers are able to go to the studios of their choice, and all studios take place everyday.  In addition to the Style Studio there is the Music Studio, Breadmaking Studio, Animation Studio, Dance Studio and the Coding Studio.  Stay tuned for a spotlight on the Coding Studio next month!  

If you missed last month's post, Summer Camp with Steve and Kate's Camp!, check it out for more information about the camp and its locations.  

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